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Rectal Trauma, yum yum

Rectal trauma is a relatively uncommon problem that usual results from impalement (such as on a spike or pole) or as a result of sexual-social injuries (such as fist fornication "fisting" or insertion of foreign bodies.) Whatever the cause, severe and permanent damage to the muscles and nerve fibers may occur as a result of the trauma. Serious infection due to contamination of the blood and surrounding tissue with stool is also a relatively common complication and often leads to excessive scar formation which can make "normal" bowel movements and defication difficult if not impossible.

This shows the perineal area of a girl who suffered severe trauma after getting impaled on a bedpost while jumping in bed. This damage required hours of surgical correction in the operating room (where this photo was taken).

Foreign bodies inserted into the rectum to enhance sexual stimulation are also a common cause of trauma and rectal injuries. The x-ray to your right shows an object that got stuck in the rectum of a man. Can you identify the object? Can you guess what happened that brought him to the emergency room?

The most common objects requiring extraction include lightbulbs, pens & pencils, candles, vibrators, and bottles. Unfortunately, removal of foreign bodies is usually much more difficult - and much less enjoyable - than their insertion, since many objects do not remain in their original form.
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