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True story

Pal allegedly prostituted retarted teen:

"Brockton authorities have uncovered a disturbing junior high hooker ring in which a mildly retarded 13-year-old girl allegedly was pimped out by her best friend for as little as $5, sources told the Herald.

The eighth-grader, a developmentally delayed foster child, allegedly has been performing sex acts on junior high and high school students behind a bank and a supermarket, some of which may have been caught on surveillance videos. The girl's best friend, who is also an eighth-grade girl, allegedly set up the trysts, charging between $5 and $30, and pocketed all of the money, according to a source.

'The girl who set it up - who was supposedly her friend - never gave her any money,' the source said.

The case came to light last week when two other eighth-grade girls told school officials the junior high madame tried to persuade them to go to work for her.

Authorities believe the prostitution has been going on since April and involves as many as 20 boys. One alleged john, an 18-year-old Brockton High School student, could face criminal charges for allegedly assaulting the girl, the source said."

Now, see, why should this girl face criminal charges? This is just good, old-fashioned American ingenuity and entrepreneurship. I mean, if the authorities would just get out of the way and let this pimp do her thing, just imagine where she could go in a few years. She could build her empire and set up a pimp ride like this:

And it's not like she wasn't providing a valuable service to the rest of the schoolkids. I mean, what middle school or high school-aged male wouldn't want a bangin' tard piece of ass like this (and for as low as $5!!!) at their disposal:

This girl already has the proper make-up technique down. And they have the nerve to call these people "challenged"...

Ok, this one's a little young, but you try and tell me she doesn't scream "potential"...

If this girl's face isn't made for bukkake, then I don't know whose is...

Not to mention the fact that this is a blatant form of discrimination against 'tards and the rest of the disabled community. If being retarted and stuck in a wheelchair can't keep these "Winners on Wheels" from having a great fucking time playing a game of basketball:

then who's to say that hot 'tard chicks can't suck and fuck just as well as your average street-walkin' ho? Facing criminal charges? Bullshit, I say.

Instead of being prosecuted, I say this she-pimp should be celebrated for bringing innovation and hot 'tard sex to her fellow students in these troubled times of the harsh Bush economy. I, for one, give her the Official 'Tard Thumbs-Up®:

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