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gods_of_lj's Journal

Mt. Olympus?
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WTF is gods_of_lj?

It's simple: gods_of_lj is an open forum community where you can talk about anything or anyone or just talk shit. Post about a show you've been to, post pictures of yourself, show us your tits if you feel like it. Hell, we dont really give a fuck as long as you aren't a dumbass.

So... Like if I join, will I be a God of LJ?

Fuck no, idiot. The Gods of LJ are the moderators of this community, they're all known by many and if you dont know or haven't heard of them, you are obviously a dumbass and you need to have your head checked. That or you just haven't been around the community circuit for a long time.

Then who are these legendary Gods of LJ?

There's schupo: the man, the myth, the legend. Fabled to have a "manly unit" comparable to the leaning Tower of Pisa not only in its size but in its trademark crookedness, this guy means business. When schupo's not raping small farm animals and engaging in feces-flinging contests with the monkeys at the zoo, he's always willing to cuddle up with a nice book (like Goodnight, Moon) and play with his Barbies.

Then you have bobbola, Brian Brazier, who is known by all. He even has his own community brian_brazier. Fresh out of the University of Arizona, he will own you in any debate put forth to him. He also likes to brag about bustin' phat beats on his euphonium, and scoring goals in indoor soccer.

Then enickmatic, Nick Moran, who is funnier than a your mom getting gang-banged. His scissor sharp wit and dry, British humor keeps everyone on their toes. Legend has it that once every blue moon, Nick will crawl forth from the hollows of his secret cave (a la Batman) and howl into the moon wearing nothing but a Tellytubby outfit.

Also there is blubear. This guy's probably the most verbose of all of the Gods, and loves being long-winded in his posts. Sometimes to the point in which the reader's eyes explode and they begin to bleed from their ears in a bizarre, stigmatic fasion. But I'm sure this is only his intention, and he will continue to "wow" his audience with his myriad of names, relation to Cortes, and ability to draw weird little cartoon characters. He's latino, too.

Molesting small children, kicking puppies, and raving whilst tripping out on E are only some of the hobbies that f___g___t enjoys. The original co-creator of this community, as well as general asshole, Mike's got more wallop in his punch and wahoo in his scrotum than the entire country of Haiti combined (INCLUDING THEIR VOODOO). He'll |-|4><0r2 uR C0|\/||D5 1f j00 1s 4 j00b13!!!1111

Finally, if you didn't already know, pdanielson eats fear and shits victory. He easily has the largest penis of all the gods. And by "penis" we really mean "ego" and probably "intellect" as well. His phermone is thick, and his seed is pure. Do not fuck with Paul. He will kick your ass into a million ass fragments, then take those fragments and sculpt a giant ass, which he will kick all over again. Rinse and repeat, motherbitches.

So what do I do? I've joined... Now what

POST, YOU DUMBSHIT! Please don't just join and remain in the shadows; get going as soon as you join. Introductory posts are fine or if you want to just join right in and get going with a post about a certain topic that's fine, too.

Also, once you join, whore the community around. The only way this community will get big is werd of mouff so post a link to the community in your LJ and tell your friends about this shit.



The rules of this community are simple; there are no "no racist remarks, or sexist comments" rules of any kind, so feel free to be as offensive as you want, you assholes.

Don't advertise your community unless it's been approved by us-- because there are far too many bad communities out there for us to simply trust your judgment.

Don't be a tool.

If you leave a retarded post, we will delete it. If you delete a post, we will ban you.

When it comes down to it, you will give us your subservience when we ask for it, bitches. Even if it is in the form of sexual favors.

The most important rule of this community is directed to those who join that happen to be fat and/or painful to look at. Do not talk about having sex and/or post pictures of yourself. This goes for user icons, too. If we see a fat person in our community who is abusing their privilege (as we all know that fat people are privileged to be accepted as "cool"), then they will be banned on the spot.


Contact via AIM:

enickmatic - Voltaic Specter
bobbola - Bobbola2
blubear - Devil Caliber
schupo - My Herbes Itch
pdanielson - notriusPED
moools - FGT FEVER

That is all.